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2013 March 2 Saturday

Long Overdue

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It is March 1st, and I have returned.  Oops! No, it is already the 2nd of March.  I was writing this post in my head yesterday, but got distracted.  Now I can’t remember how the rest of it was going to go. I haven’t posted in so long, I almost forgot how to navigate to the input form.  Found it!

In the past month, I bought a new computer.  I am gradually reinstalling programs as I need them, and recovering files from the old hard drive as I fill up the new one.  My last computer was purchased in 2006, so this one is a major leap forward in both software versions and hardware speed.  Change is difficult for me, but this transition is going smoothly.

I might also have employment in the pipeline.  I am about to begin training to take a qualification test at the end of next week, which will get me into further training, which will lead to another test, which will eventually lead to a part-time, short-term project.  It is the closest I’ve come to getting paid for work in over a year.  Of course, I assume I will pass all of their hurdles and be really good at this job.  The company is in another country, so the process is all done remotely — on the Internet, with my new computer. Let’s hope I have the discipline to work from home.

My time-management skills are greatly improved by having a routine.  I used to make this blog part of my daily routine.  Then came distractions.  We shall revisit this subject in future posts, no doubt.




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