This will never become a book.

2012 November 29 Thursday

home stretch

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I owe you a few entries.  To be honest, I have only written an average of 600 words per day over the past week (rather than that magical 1667 daily quota which NaNoWriMo encourages) and much of it isn’t really the kind of writing I want to share. I have pieces of scenes that are incomplete or need context for an excerpt to make sense.  I still write dialog which is really me thinking about the premise of my universe instead of driving the plot forward.

“When you have a particularly vivid dream, it can seem so real, but you still know it was a dream when you wake up.  Sometimes you can be in a dream and know that it is a dream, too.  It has its own properties, its own reality.  And you can retrieve the memory of that dream when you’re awake, but it somehow has a different quality.  The memory of a dream is never quite as real as the experience was inside the dream.”

I have no idea how to say what I’m thinking.  I’ll just keep writing the same ideas in different ways, and will probably cut it all from the final draft.  I thought I knew where this story was going, but the final chapter is still a mystery to me.

With only a few days left in the month, it is hard to remember why I started this challenge in the first place.  It is tempting to skip ahead to the “what have I learned” post, or quit writing for the sake of word count.  I want to take everything I have put into this novel so far and rework it with a proper outline, but today is not the day to start a new phase.  Today (and tomorrow) need to be about finishing the project at hand.  Prepare for padding.




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