This will never become a book.

2012 November 21 Wednesday

more rambling

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Posting an excerpt every day is still my biggest motivation to continue working on the novel.  Finding a passage worth of an excerpt is still just a difficult, but saving the blog-posting duty for the next morning is less of a distraction, and it helps me to warm up for the day ahead.

Yesterday I just let my main character spew a bunch of exposition.

“I can’t choose either side.  The Aetherists make a good argument for why I belong with them, but it seems like it would be a betrayal of my family if I did renounce the Kirch.”  It dawned on her that she was in a unique position in all of history, and shouldn’t squander the opportunity to use it to her advantage.  “And maybe that’s the point.  Taking a side, either side, shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing choice.”

I am frustrated by the fork in the road.  She should choose a path, stick to it, and explore the consequences.  I just haven’t decided which path will make for a more interesting story.  Perhaps I need to write both alternatives.  I blame this on my being a Libra.

p.s., The proper nouns are placeholders, subject to revision.  I’m trying too hard to avoid the terms from our own religions, but it’s rather obvious that it’s the same dichotomy.



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