This will never become a book.

2012 November 17 Saturday


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The NaNoWriMo calendar decorates my computer desktop. It suggests that I should have more than half of my novel written by now, as we have passed the middle of the month. My personal goals have slipped over many days, but I had hoped to have at least 20,000 words by now.  I do not.

I’ve had this scene in my head for a week now, but kept waiting for the inspiration to write the plot points which lead up to it.  Today I just skipped ahead and got some of the imagery down to move things along.

Molly sat next to one of the younger sisters of their traveling companion. The girl reached across and took a small tomato from Molly’s plate.  Molly said, “That’s mine.” The girl stated, “No it isn’t. It belongs to us all.”

One of the adults, probably her father, came over to their end of the table. “Miranda, the gleaning has ended, and Molly is our guest. She did not participate in the circle tonight, but she will remember your behavior at the next meal. Perhaps next time you will think to take enough tomatoes to feed those around you.”

I like the scene in my head more than how it came out on the page.  A lot of what I wrote leading up to this point was the description of action rather than actual action, if that makes any sense.  It’s like I’m not telling a story, but instead I’m relaying explanations. I’ll have to work on that (in the edit-and-rewrite phase, later, not now!)



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