This will never become a book.

2012 November 14 Wednesday

creative writing

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My story assumes humans have evolved the ability to see spirits.  Their technology is dependent upon electricity, but there is no use of petroleum and wireless transmissions do not work.  How do I make all of that seem normal, while putting the main characters into a situation that is unfamiliar to them?  I invent new words, of course.

“You’re a couple of hungry zins, that much I can see.” The man’s tone of voice was soft and easy, not accusatory at all.

Molly turned back to face him. “We’re ‘zins’? What does that mean?”

“Citizens,” replied the man, “from the city.  I can usually spot the tourists from a mile away, but you two were doing a real good job of blending in until you got closer.”

It’s like I’m afraid someone won’t realize this is fiction.


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