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2012 November 9 Friday

better than a bribe

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I tried to get back on track today.  My plan was to do nothing else in the morning before I had laid down one thousand words.  I wasn’t going to get dressed or anything, just sit and write.

But it was garbage day, so I had to get dressed to take the can to the curb.  It was tempting to take a walk to go get a coffee, since I was already dressed and outside, but no! I went back inside… and made myself a latte.  I fed the cat.  I checked my emails.  I wrote 250 words.  Then I took break.

I saw the bowl of leftover Halloween candy and said, “If I reach one thousand words, then I can have a chocolate bar.”  I picked out two and put them next to the computer.  I wrote another 350 words.  Then I ate both candy bars.

I fixed myself a sandwich for lunch and wrote another 400 words.  What does that make?  One thousand?  Oh good, I can go watch some television.

Somewhere in the middle of the afternoon, after I had visited all of my forums and read of all my news feeds, I got down to business.  It took me another two hours of solid focus to write another 1000 words.  I was finally reaching a solid quota for a single day!  This put me past the 10,000 word mark (where I should have been three days ago).  I deserved a good dinner out.

Back at home after a walk in the cool night air, I dropped in on an IRC chat room where a bunch of NaNo people were having word wars.  They challenged me to a 15 minute sprint.  I wrote 500 words.  Five hundred words in 15 minutes!

Here is where I had ended my long day of slow writing.

She kissed him again, harder this time.  It was something she couldn’t describe to him in words, but she needed to share that knowledge with him. She let him know with her touch that she was ready to meet him again in the spiritual realm.

And here is where I began my sprint:

They lay in bed together for a long time, saying nothing with spoken words, but looking at each other as they touched.

Do the math.  I could spend all day grinding away in chunks spread over 4 hours to produce 2,000 words, an average of 500 words per hour, or let go and produce at a rate equivalent to 2,000 words per hour.

Plus, IRC word wars are less fattening than two chocolate bars.




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