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2012 November 8 Thursday

pep talk

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I am not fulfilling my quota.  I barely passed the 8000 word mark today, now two days behind schedule.  I have not lived up to the promise I made to myself to take this NaNoWriMo seriously.  There, I’ve said it.  The secret was eating away at me.

However, at the very minimum, I have kept my promise to post an excerpt every day.  That sense of obligation to someone (or something) beyond myself is the kind of motivation I need to keep going.

“We never got the chance to properly meet. My name is Ben Fording. I was a journalist at the time, but between your…” — Ben almost used the word ‘threat’ – “advice and my editor’s idea of what the public wanted to hear, my story was buried.  I never got the chance to follow up with you until now.”

It’s hard to pick out a paragraph that stands alone.  It’s even harder when I have so few new ones to choose from.

The NaNoWriMo pep talk (which is mailed to participates at various intervals) for today was timely.  It was written by someone who was even more behind in word count than I am.  And there are more of us out there, posting in forums and talking in chat rooms and going to write-ins.  And many of them do go on to have a burst of writing. It is still possible to catch up.  For them and for you, and for myself, I promise to continue.


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