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2012 July 26 Thursday

End of Vacation

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Hello, again, did you miss me? It’s only been a week of silence, but I think that’s the longest gap for me yet.  I didn’t forget about the blog — I logged in every day — but I had various reasons for keeping my thoughts in my head instead of writing.

Some of my hesitation was caused by the looming importance of making this, post number sixty, worthy of a round number.  Not only a round number, but a multiple of thirty.  I fit my first thirty posts into the month of May, but it has taken me close to two months to post the next thirty.  I want to continue the writing habit, but I am compelled to wait for the beginning of a new month to start in on that third set of thirty posts.  This is my curse, being obsessed with numbers almost to the point of superstition.

My other excuse is that my household has been unusually tumultuous this week.  Two of us had job interviews, involving many phone calls and office visits, and anxiously preparing before and worrying after.  It was difficult to concentrate on much of anything.  We also juggled the use of the car between our appointments and trips to summer school.  Things will settle down in the next week, as one of us starts a new job and the other turns in a term paper and takes a final exam.

August will be a good time for me to return to a daily writing routine, knowing I will have my quiet house back, and assuming that I do not get a job offer of my own this week.  The interview was a great experience for me, however, giving me a glimpse at a career choice I can work towards.  I think the type of work itself would be a good fit for me, even if the specifics of that company did not align well with my experience.  I am inspired by it rather than discouraged.

Also, I finally got around to watching the “Month of the Novel” web series.  This has renewed my interest in writing with abandon, as they say, on a longer project.   Coincidentally, August is the start of another Camp NaNoWriMo session.  How lucky is that? I think the Universe is winking at me.

However, I must be honest:  I cannot hope to meet a daily goal of over 1660 words per day on a novel while also writing fiction sprints here.  I am hereby announcing my intention to put this blog on hiatus for the next month, and I promise to return in September when I will again need a place to write every day.

Until then, let me leave you with the opening line of my next novel:

Where people see ghosts, Molly is blind. [strike that]

In a world where everyone saw ghosts, Molly Rose was blind. [let’s try that again]

In a world in which everyone else saw spirit entities, Molly Rose was a blind woman.

Oh yeah, I am so ready to play the word count game.




  1. Where on your blog is a field for signing up to follow by email?

    Comment by ejrunyon — 2012 August 7 Tuesday @ 22:29

    • i have no idea! i’m new to wordpress and just picked a basic template. would that be like an RSS feed? that’s under the META heading in the right column. i never use those myself. (and thank you for the request — i found you via NaNoWriMo, could you tell?)

      Comment by kdefg — 2012 August 7 Tuesday @ 22:40

      • look to wigidts? it might be one call ‘follow me by email’??

        If you find it I can add you to my follow list.

        Comment by ejrunyon — 2012 August 8 Wednesday @ 06:04

      • Found it.
        go to your blog dashboard,
        the on the left look for Appearance.
        in that list is widgets. at the bottom of widgets is Follow blog… by email.
        click that to add it to your blog page.
        From there it should appear on every viewing.

        Comment by ejrunyon — 2012 August 8 Wednesday @ 06:08

      • Thank you for the easy-to-follow instructions — I have added the menu item to my sidebar. Let me know how it goes!

        Comment by kdefg — 2012 August 8 Wednesday @ 17:35

      • yep. It works!

        Comment by ejrunyon — 2012 August 8 Wednesday @ 18:46

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