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2012 July 4 Wednesday

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I haven’t made many posts in my “Dreams” category so far, because I haven’t really had many interesting dreams over the past few months.  I’m wondering whether or not I could invoke a good night of dreams tonight simply by talking about what I would like to see.  I haven’t had much luck with this in the past.  Maybe I haven’t been specific enough.

I enjoy dreaming about new places, and it is hard to be specific about a place I haven’t yet seen.  I’m pleasantly surprised when I dream about a bookstore or library, because my brain fills in the most wonderful details for the books on the shelves.  I wouldn’t get the same thrill if I pictured the location before falling asleep.

I don’t do the kind of guided meditation that might help me to focus on a planned dream — I don’t do any sort of meditation at all, really.  I daydream while doing other things, like taking a walk or washing the dishes.  Maybe that is using up all of my visualization powers.

I’ve wanted to have more lucid dreams, too, but the recommended techniques have not been successful for me.  I know I am supposed to train myself during the day to question reality, to make it a habit to ask whether or not I am dreaming right now.  This has not carried over into my dream world.

I will know I am dreaming when I see something that I have not already seen in a movie or on television.  This rules out Bigfoot, unicorns, wildfires, the Queen, and all sorts of alien sightings.  What could I possibly imagine right now to look for in my dreams that I have never seen before?

Even notions like “when pigs fly” have been rendering into imagery.  A poem from my childhood talked about a purple cow as an impossibility, but with Photoshop it is now too easy to make it look plausible.  The only true impossibilities left are contradictions and paradoxes.

Tonight, I shall dream about a five-sided square.  The trick will be remembering it in the morning.



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