This will never become a book.

2012 June 10 Sunday

fiction sprint – Intersection

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Any number of timelines could have led up to that point.

In one timeline, her mother was attentive, talking to the little girl as they stood on the street corner waiting for the light to change.  They discussed what to buy at the grocery store and what to make for dinner.  The little girl asked if she could help, and the mother asked her if she wanted to rinse the vegetables.  The girl was still too young to stand at a hot stove, no matter how much she wanted to stir the pot of spaghetti as it boiled.  The mother smiled when her daughter pronounced it “pasketty” but did not correct her.  They held hands on that sunny sidewalk corner, and they each cupped a hand to their foreheads to squint at a bird as it flew over and above them.  They were a matched set.  When the walk signal changed, the mother said, “Ding!” and the little girl said, “Ding!” too, and they smiled at this little routine they had before stepping into the street together…

In another timeline, the mother was pushing a stroller, while the little girl walked along beside her baby sister.  The girl skipped ahead to push the button for the pedestrian crossing, getting only a silent nod that it was okay to do so.  The mother was tired and the baby was fussy.  The afternoon sun was hot, and they still had several errands to complete before getting home in time to make dinner for daddy.  The wait at the corner was long, and the little girl was bored.  She turned to watch the flight of a bird as it swooped over the traffic and landed in the patch of grass in front of the building behind them.  She continued to watch it peck and scratch at the dirt for a while, until it flew off unfulfilled.  When the girl turned back around to face the crosswalk, her mother and the stroller had disappeared from the corner and were already across the street.  She darted into the street after them…

Any number of timelines could have led away from that point.  At least one of them led to where I am now.



  1. Now that’s a cliffhanger. I love the idea of alternate timelines. Do you watch Fringe?

    Comment by joesix — 2012 June 10 Sunday @ 22:56

    • I do watch Fringe, but I wasn’t always a fan of their paralellel universes, so I missed a lot of the previous season. For this story fragment, I think I need to add a third timeline, if only to leave the reader wondering which of the three females is now reflecting back on that moment in time.

      Comment by kdefg — 2012 June 11 Monday @ 13:43

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