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2012 June 6 Wednesday

Organized Clutter

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Every few days, I wonder whether or not I need to be more organized.  I’ve tried to keep the categories for this blog few in number, because I hoped it would help focus my topics.  A lot of things cross my mind during the day, but many of them fade away before I sit down to writing my nightly posts.

I don’t expect a reorganization to unleash a wealth of new ideas — I don’t know what I’d do with them if I had them.  I’d like to revisit many of the ideas I already have written about and expand upon them.  My daily rounds of reading news feeds and library books often restate similar things in new ways, and I would be willing to do the same with my existing topics, but I sometimes feel like I need to wait for bigger insights before I can write about subjects I’ve touched in the past even briefly.  This is what NaNoWriMo might blame on my “inner editor” for stopping me before I’ve started.

Mostly I am feeling boxed in by my list of categories.  I worry too much about filling each bucket equally, making me cycle through them as if I had a quota to meet.  On the flip side, I sometimes want to write about things that cross the boundaries between categories, but find I must choose one or the other for the sake of keeping things simple and tidy.  This brings me back to the question of whether or not I need to shuffle the boxes, or just be more clear about the definitions of what I meant the boxes to hold.

Tags might be a solution, but I have seen them used inconsistantly elsewhere.  A tag gets created on the spur of the moment, never to be used again, and it functions no better than a global search engine index might do.  Subcategories could work for me, but I will feel compelled to go back and re-categorize all of my prior posts — not a bad thing to now with only 36 entries so far, and better to do before the end of another month.  The longer I wait, the more likely I will consider the chore too daunting to begin.

I’ve often said I like organization in small doses.  I do alphabetize my spice rack, but the jars I use most frequently sit at the front of the cabinet and not in the rack.  My desk has drawers with hanging file folders of last year’s paid bills and bank statements, but the most current three months’ worth sit piled on the surface of the desk waiting for an uninterrupted weekend.  The bathroom sink is wiped down every night, but the shelf above it waits for an annual cleaning.  I organize when it is convenient, and leave clutter when it functions just fine as is.

So shall it be with my categories.




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