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2012 May 26 Saturday

Minimum Nightly

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I’ve been considering whether or not to try doing Camp NaNoWriMo this year.  At first I thought, “Sure, I’ve been writing every day, and I have the time, why not?” And then I seriously tell myself, “Self, you cannot even reliably hit 500 words every day for a week, so how will you come close to three times that amount?”

Coincidentally, at the convention I’m attending this weekend, they had a panel called “NaNoWriMo For Beginners”.  While the nice ladies talked a lot about structure and publishing, they did reiterate that the point of the month is simply to write, and feel free to write badly.  Just write.  And there is no failing!  While you may not “win” by hitting your goal, you never fail.  Simply by sitting down and writing *something*, you have accomplished more than most people who say they might try to write a book one day but never do.

So with that pep talk, I’m back on the fence about giving it another try, in either June or August.  The camp motif is more like NaNo-Lite, without the live write-ins.  I still don’t have a story idea — and that is O.K. — but I do still have characters to build from.

What do you think?  (And my apologies for yet another brief entry just before my obligatory deadline.)



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