This will never become a book.

2012 May 25 Friday


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Right now, I need sleep more than I need to write, but I did make a promise to myself to write something every day.  Don’t expect this one to be very long.

I’ve spent my day at a convention — commonly called a ‘con’ and thus the title for today.  These things wear me out, but I do it every year.  Last year was full of new anime to sample and entertaining panels to attend.  This year seems like a lot of repetition, and I don’t seem interested in sampling the obscure.

I should be making observations about the attendees, the crowds, the mass of humanity gathered with a common purpose.  Except, there isn’t just one single purpose, but an assortment of sub-groupings.  I barely spend any time in the gamers’ hall, and I’ve never attended the formal dance.  It amazes me how this many people can share a culture and yet have such a wide range of likes and dislikes.  Still, they all seem to respect their differences, and it is a weekend of good vibes and friendly acceptance.

Maybe that’s why I keep coming back, for the commonality and community.  It’s a place where I do not need to fit in but I can still feel like I belong there.



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