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2012 May 22 Tuesday

Blood Relatives

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If you believe the internet, I am an alien.  Or at least part alien, descended from aliens.  Or angels.  Maybe my ancestors were spawned from “fallen angels”, the Nephilim.  I am fairly certain that I am human, but the internet tells me that my Rh Negative blood sets me apart.

My favorite go-to page for details about this theory is actually a forum post, on a website devoted to Unexplained Mysteries.  The topic is called “The Rh Neg Blood Type – Nephilim bloodline” and it was started over two years ago.  Among the many statements presented as scientific fact is a list of characteristics supposedly more common among the Rh-negative subset of the population.  Reading down their list, I would say I match only half of the qualities — then I stop dead on “Cannot be cloned”.  Since when is that a thing?  Has there been research in the area of human cloning which has been successful, but only for Rh-positive blood types?  I haven’t read much more of that post beyond that point, which occurs less than halfway into the article and above a lot more “evidence” for their theory.

I actually would not mind being part alien, which I suppose the Nephilim would technically be.  I don’t know which of my parents gave me their Rh factor, or whether both of them are Rh negative.  I don’t know whether my brother inherited the same trait.  As a family, we have not kept in touch, and I do not feel particularly connected to them.  I even went through a phase when I was young when I thought I might have been adopted.  It wasn’t true, but it was a symptom, a sign that I felt somehow different.  I still feel that way, like I’m only getting by in life by pretending to act human.

Feeding into this strange swirl of fringe theories is a prophecy in a book called Apollyon Rising 2012 in which a “scholar” has found evidence pointing to the return of the gods, or rather the alien “gods” from humanity’s distant past.  Or maybe it’s the Watchers returning to Earth, or it’s the Nephilim — assuming they left and did not stick around to continue their cross-breeding program.  Visit the webpage for the book, scroll down below the halfway point, and read all the bullet points, just for the entertainment value. Honestly, that author seems to muddle a lot of theories together.  His many other writings rave about the evils of transhumanism, too.  If I’m a half-breed, or even merely descended from half-breeds, I have been tainted in his eyes.

I for one welcome our returning alien overlords.  I just wonder if they’ll recognize me.



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