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2012 May 21 Monday

fiction sprint – Application

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Sitting in the waiting area, Meg flipped through the pages on her clipboard, checking her answers.  She resisted the urge to change some of the bubbles she had so neatly filled in.  The instructions were clear, that she was supposed to answer quickly, to use her first emotional responses to the questions, but this went against her nature.  She was used to pondering and evaluating situations before taking action, using her brain instead of her gut or her heart.

The door to the inner office opened.  Out stepped a lanky young man with a dazed look on his face.  The advisor held the door open behind him and patted him on the back.  “Take a few days to consider our offer, then give me a call. You have my number there in the paperwork.”  The teen looked down at the stapled papers in his hand and made a fist around them.  With his head tilted down, he avoided eye contact as he walked past Meg and headed out the lobby door and down the hall.  Meg thought to herself, “I hope he’s not driving home in that condition.”

The advisor watched the boy leave, and waited until he was out of sight before turning to look at the rest of the waiting room.  She scanned the entire row of seats, even though it was obvious at a glance that Meg was the only person sitting there.  “Well, it looks like you’re next,” she said to Meg with a cheery lilt that sounded like it had been rehearsed to perfection.  Meg stood and followed her into the small office.  The advisor motioned for her to take a seat and then closed the door.

They went over some formalities, exchanging names, confirming that this was the right appointment, pulling up her records on file.  The evaluation process had been going on all week, and this interview was the final stage.  The brochure said it took some people almost a month to get to this point.  Meg was exceptionally motivated.  She handed the clipboard across the desk before the advisor even asked for it.  The sheets of paper were fed into a slot next to the computer monitor, and Meg’s bubble answers silently disappeared into the scanner.

“Thank you, Meg.  While we’re waiting for those to be tabulated, let’s review your options.  Have you narrowed down your selection yet?”

“I thought the easy way to go would be as a vampire, but that seems like a flooded market these days.  I ruled out zombies for the same reason.  So I’m thinking of applying for something in the esoteric sciences, like wizard or witch, perhaps.  Are they still available?”

The advisor was only pretending to listen to Meg while the computer monitor scrolled the results of her evaluation.  She turned to read it more closely, and Meg could see yellow text flashing in the reflection of the woman’s eyeglasses.  “Hmm, yes.  You do have an aptitude for it, I see.”  Her voice trailed off.

Meg waited.  This didn’t feel like good news.  “What else does it say?”

The advisor shifted in her seat, sat up straight and put the insincere smile back on her face.  “Have you considered a career as an angel?”

==(abrupt ending as I’ve hit my midnight deadline and passed 500 words.)==


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