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2012 May 19 Saturday

Awesome Overload

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Today was full of awesome(ness).  We went to a Maker Faire.  We saw robots and metal sculptures, flames and neon lights, science and silly costumes.

And we saw ArcAttack and their Singing Tesla Coils.  If you watched “America’s Got Talent” on TV last year, you might remember seeing them perform.  The music is heavy metal (which is fun enough on its own) enhanced with electric current zapping the stage.  Somehow the notes and the lightning are synchronized — it appears like the melody is generated by the very electricity itself.  It crackles and pops louder than any static (there’s that word again!) you’ve ever generated, and the notes buzz and hum.  It would be too cliché to say the performance was electrifying, but I must generate my minimum number of words for this post, so I will allow it.

More than the spectacle, their choice of songs fit the event well.  They played a rockin’ version of Darth Vader’s theme from Star Wars, and an amazing cover of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor — you might not know it by name, but it’s that famous organ piece associated with horror movies.  I stood there with a huge grin on my face, struck by how timeless some pieces of music can be, and wondering what Bach himself might think of how his little tune has survived and grown over the ages.  I went back and enjoyed a second performance of the same show later in the day.

As I said as we left the grounds, “I’ve had my fill of awesome for the day.” Now I’m ready to fall blissfully asleep.


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