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2012 May 18 Friday

Snow Angels

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I’m branching off a new category with this post.  I’ve mentioned synchronicity in the past and whether or not any meaning might come from such instances, but only in general terms.  I know there is at least one blog out there which suggests keeping a record of coincidences, and at least one website allows you to upload your own examples.  Keeping a journal of potentially synchronistic events for later analysis makes sense, as the significance of a coincidence might not be apparent right away.  Patterns take time to emerge, and my memory can be selective at times.  So, here is a category for things that I’ve encountered which may or may not be potential synchronicities.  We can look back later and laugh, whether or not any explanations or interpretations may follow.

First, let me set the stage. Yesterday I was talking about the static and snow which appears on a television screen when it receives no signal.  I think of it as black dots moving on a white background, which is why I questioned calling it snow, but I suppose it is more accurately dots of white light scattering on a black field of unlit pixels, swirling in the manner of a snowstorm.  I’ll go with that.

Then, more set-up. Just before bed, I had my television tuned to a program about angels, the history of belief in them and their appearances in various cultures.  Looking ahead to tonight’s television programming line-up, I saw that the “Ancient Aliens” show has an episode about people who say they receive messages from angelic beings.  Although I’ve been recently thinking about the mechanisms by which we might look for signs of communication from the Universe, I saw no significance in these shows airing now.

Today, the vision. I was out running an errand, driving my car in the neighborhood, when I passed an apartment building.  Someone had hung a banner on their balcony which said “Let It Snow”.  Well, that was certainly odd and out-of-place.  I’m in California not Alaska, and this is May not Christmas.  Perhaps they left this display up after the holidays, and I just had not noticed it until now?  That’s one of the key things about getting a message from The Matrix Universe, that element of having something suddenly brought to your attention as being out-of-place.

Then, the awakening. My mind laughed for a bit, remembering how I had just been talking about snow of another kind only the night before.  I wondered whether I was next due to be visited by an angel with a message only visible out of the corner of my eye.  And then the two words connected into a single thought: snow + angels = snow angels.  I was on high alert now.

Finally, the payoff. Driving back home after my errands, I noticed a man walking down the sidewalk towards me.  He had a large snow-white beard and was wearing a baseball cap with a team logo for the Angels.  My snow angel! OK, maybe not.  On rethinking what I actually saw, it did have a large ornate ‘A’ in the logo, but the colors were definitely for the Oakland Athletics.  I turned the A’s into the Angels because that’s what I was primed to see.

This is why I don’t trust the Universe to send me a message, because it will most certainly be garbled in transmission.



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