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2012 May 17 Thursday

Static Static

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I’m caught between wanting the Universe to send me messages and the fear that I’ll start imagining them, between looking for them and overlooking them.  I love toying with the idea that what I see has meaning, as long as I tell myself I’m in control of the game and I know it isn’t real. But what if my rational side is blinding me from a greater truth?  I can hold these opposing views in my head and not go insane, because I fear madness is what will happen when choose one view and exclude the other.  It’s safer to straddle the middle.

Perhaps our world has an infrastructure that would allow it to be manipulated by an external force, an intelligence living external or parallel to our world.  I don’t concern myself with the mechanism of how this could be possible, I’m only pondering the consequences of such a situation.  It might be like “The Matrix” where our world is the simulation and the messages are sent to us as modifications of our construct.  It might be that a higher power can manipulation time and space, or just mess with our sensory input.  The point of this thought experiment is to wonder what a message might look like.  How would I recognize it?  Could I possibly overlook a sign or miss a signal?

In “The Matrix” you might notice a “glitch” by experiencing a moment of déjà vu. In other cases, perhaps you might mistake it for a hallucination or a trick of the eye.  People see optical illusions all the time.  I see things poorly as my sight deteriorates, and I frequently misread words or fail to see small details.  I have a hard enough time reading text clearly in our normal world, let alone pick up on messages from beyond.

The iconic scene from the movie “Poltergeist” has the little girl sitting in front of a television screen full of static.  She hears voices, I think, or sees faces, I don’t remember now, or somehow she just “knows” what the spirits are telling her.  People sometimes really do think they can see images in a field of static, but it has to be moving pixels, random noise called snow.  A static field of random pixels won’t create the same illusion.  Static static is just meaningless.  (And why do they call it “snow” when it is not all white?)  Our brains are wired to find patterns, to see images made from dots of light, and to interpolate the motion of those dots.  Moving static is a puzzle our brains cannot resist making sense from.

So I’ll keep looking for messages that I know cannot really be there, but let me know if I miss any.  I’m certain I won’t recognize it as such, unless it’s much more obvious than the background noise.


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