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2012 May 12 Saturday

Awake or Aware

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My computer is in the kitchen, next to the microwave oven which has a large digital display of the time.  This clock is at the edge of my field of vision, next to my monitor, where I cannot help but notice the numbers change every minute.  I refer to it more often than I do the small time display on my computer’s task bar.  Right now, both are telling me that it is approaching midnight.

When I sat down to open this posting window, I had just missed one of those magical timestamps when the digits were all the same.  Have you noticed moments such as 11:11 or 3:33, or find significance at 12:34 o’clock?  I don’t think I ever paid attention to such numbers before a year ago, when I started reading blogs and forums dealing with the “high strangeness” phenomena.  Now I can’t seem to stop seeing such number patterns pop out at me.

When I see 11:11 on a clock — always a digital read-out, never an analog clock face — I jokingly say something about aliens trying to get my attention.   This has become a habit, to the point that I think my housemate might start to question my grip on reality.  I treat this as just a game I’m playing with myself, a harmless reflex action.

Of course, it is a large leap from being aware of a pattern to finding meaning behind it.  If the universe is sending me signals, they never have anything important to tell me, just that I should be alert at that moment for any potential message. At this point, it becomes more like the aliens are crying “Wolf!”  and I am going to be lulled into ignoring them if they don’t give me something more soon.

The only meaning I’ve found after all this time is that I am frequently done watching a television show which ends at 11:00 p.m., and it takes about 11 minutes for me to wrap up my computer tasks for the night.  That’s when I look up and ask myself, “Why am I still awake?”

Or I’m now made aware that I need to get another blog entry posted before midnight.


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