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2012 May 10 Thursday

Synchronized Sleeping

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I have fifteen minutes to publish the post, to meet my self-imposed deadline of getting out an entry every day.  Then I need to get back to the business of dreaming.  That dream journal habit has been erratic lately, because my sleep cycle has been shifted as well.  The housemates are staying up later now, keeping me awake, and then they’re staying home during the day, distracting me from my meditations.  Hence, the almost-midnight writing sprint.

I haven’t taken the time to fully remember my dreams, which discourages me from jotting down the few details I do recall.  The only pattern I’ve seen this week is “hotels”, as I’ve had several dreams in which I’m either staying in a hotel room or action is taking place in a hotel lobby.  Last week it was water, as in rain and things getting wet.  I think at least one dream had me taking a shower in a hotel room.

If dreams are my subconscious trying to tell me something, I’m not getting the message, despite the redundancies.  If instead these are scenes from a parallel reality, I really need to pay attention.  I feel like there have been details that have slipped out of my grasp as I wake up, snippets of words and writing that had to be there in my mind for a reason.

It would be really cool if I could cross paths with someone who shared the same dream as me, so we could compare notes.  I don’t suppose anyone out there has dreamt of a hotel room this week.  Did you see me there, by any chance?  Did you find the suitcase I left behind?

I just did a quick search to find a website that I remember, something about getting people to agree to meet in a common location in their lucid dreams.  Now I can’t find it… In looking for that website, I also found the Global Lucid Dreaming Experiment

but my time is up for tonight!


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