This will never become a book.

2012 May 5 Saturday


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If you found your way here, maybe you’ve also figured out how to find my “About” page — the template I chose doesn’t seem to let me add that link to any of the sidebar blocks.  It’s not a big thing, whether or not you read it, whether or not you knew how to find it.  I don’t expect to get many visitors at all.  Already I have received two comments on one post, but both were spammers (according to the built-in filters), which at least proves that the internet knows I exist.

My goal really isn’t to get visitors or readers.  This is just a tool to train me to write.  They say that when your only tool is a hammer, you treat every problem as a nail.  My writing hammer was MS Word, and everything I wrote became a document.  The thoughts I want to write about aren’t ready to formalize into documents.  I tried to build a personal website, but then all my tasks became page layout and navigation issues.  I just want to write my thoughts down, to get these essays and ideas out of my head, to make room for more of them.

Long before there was an internet, before personal computers, I was writing in a blank book.  It was basically a diary — I don’t remember if they were called journals back then.  (Yes, I am old.) I put them into storage decades ago, and really have no interest in rereading them.  Because I had no potential audience, I filled them with intimate thoughts and feelings, personal observations and records of events in my life.  The only purpose they served was as an outlet for things I wanted to express but didn’t want to share with others.  As a tool, the blank book did not encourage me to improve my writing at all.

Now I have an external outlet.  This tool isn’t very sophisticated, but one asset it does have is a potential audience.  I promised myself I would write every day, but the timestamps here make me accountable.  I might ramble a bit and post occasional filler (like today), but I will always be aware that someone out there might be reading it.  That alone is the tool that I’ve been missing.


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